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CV & Artist Statement

Kevin Morris

Born 1978, Houston, Texas

Lives and Works in Overland Park, Kansas


Solo Exhibitions


  • Summer Show, August and September 2017, PT’s at the Crossroads, Kansas City, Missouri


Group Shows


  • Winter Collective, November and December 2017, Weinberger Fine Art, Kansas City, Missouri


  • Summer Salon, July and August 2018, Weinberger Fine Art, Kansas City, Missouri

  • Fall Motif Featuring Hunt Slonem, September and October 2018, Weinberger Fine Art, Kansas City, Missouri

  • Winter Salon, December 2018 to January 2019, Weinberger Fine Art, Kansas City, Missouri


  • Urban Joy, March to April 2019,  Weinberger Fine Art, Kansas City, Missouri

  • Welcome, May to June 2019, Liz Lidgett Gallery and Design, Des Moines, Iowa

  • Summer Salon, June 2019, Weinberger Fine Art, Kansas City, Missouri

Artist Statement

Kevin Morris is an emerging representational artist working primarily in acrylics. A colorist with a strong commitment to form and light, Morris combines direct observation and expressive color to create representations that juxtapose planes of flattened space with domestic and natural objects, conveying depth and plays of light. While Morris does not have formal training in art or design, he studies art closely, borrowing from the techniques and habits of the nabis, fauvist, and pop art movements.  He has workshopped at the Kansas City Art Institute. Morris is interested in giving presence, depth, and space to small, seemingly insignificant, ephemeral things such as flowers, bugs, or interior scenes of domestic life.  His work throws off the gendered norms and expectations of still life painting.

Morris is represented by Weinberger Fine Art in Kansas City, MO and Liz Lidgett Gallery and Design in Des Moines, IA.

Publications and Media


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